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Development of Germany's most famous state marketing campaign for the state of Baden-Württemberg. The campaign aims to present itself as an attractive location for families, singles, professionals and executives. The claim "Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch." is charged in a variety of ways.

The centerpiece of the campaign is the website www.bw-jetzt.de. Here, all information is bundled and can be experienced digitally. The campaign's driving force is the satisfaction guarantee. If someone doesn't like it after the move to Baden-Württemberg, they get their move refunded.


To convey all the advantages of Baden-Württemberg and the high quality of life in the state, we have developed an interactive website that shows information on a wide range of facilities and offers in Baden-Württemberg. This includes companies and jobs as well as real estate, educational institutions or cultural and leisure activities.

For the first time, everything is bundled on one website and can be experienced interactively. In the "war for talents," specialists and executives with their families can find out about the special quality of life and highlights in Baden-Württemberg.


For the campaign "Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch.", Offenburg artist Stefan Strumbel has designed an extravagant cuckoo clock under the motto "Heimat großer Kunst" ("Home of great art") for his homeland BaWü.

50 hand-signed art prints were distributed at random among the total circulation of the art magazine "Monopol". With a bit of luck, buyers found themselves in possession of a signed edition piece with collector's value. The original artwork will be placed at Villa Clay, the residence of Baden-Württemberg's Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann.